Classical Ballet Curriculum


About the Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is an international teacher education awarding body for classical ballet. It was established in 1920 with the aim of developing and maintains the highest possible standard of teaching. This remains its objective today.


Teachers following the Royal Academy of Dance system encourage students to achieve their personal best in the understanding, appreciation and performance of classical ballet. No matter what age or stage they may have reached, students who study with a Royal Academy of Dance trained teacher can be confident that they are receiving a comprehensive, well-structured and relevant education in Classical Ballet. They can be sure that they will be taught according to safe teaching principles.


Achieving Success

  • Inspire a sense of physical and mental confidence
  • Encourage good posture and bodily expression
  • Enhance language and communication skills
  • Develop social interaction
  • Provide insight into art forms associated with ballet and dance


Application Notice

English is the medium of instruction

No make-up classes are given unless the instructor cancels a class.


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